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By now we have all heard about Targets hack of 40 million credit cards and the personal information including names, addresses, email address and phone numbers of 70 million customers. And now Neiman Marcus has come forward with a breach of their own.   On August 17th, 2013 thieves took computers from Advocate Health Care in Park Ridge containing data on 4 million patients including names, addresses, social security numbers and dates of birth.  The first obvious use of this data by thieves is to sell this information around the world for fabrication of fake credit cards and online purchases.  In most cases the hacked entities have offered their customers free credit monitoring service to help detect unusual activity on their accounts.  But the bigger risk is the theft of your identity. Within about one month of the Advocate theft there was traceable use of low level identify theft.

Identity Theft

The Fastest Growing Crime in America – FBI
Number 1 Consumer Complaint in the last 13 years- SEC
Odds in becoming a victim – 1 in 10

To correct a personal identity theft, can take hundreds of hours of your time and several thousands of dollars.  It also has to be done during regular business hours.  Who has time for that?

We are urging our clients (especially business owners) to consider purchasing a comprehensive Identity Theft Product that monitors as well as restores your identity.  No matter how careful you are with your personal information you’re at the mercy of all the entities that are storing information about you on their computer systems and hackers are now moving down stream to smaller companies where it’s easier to gain access.

The Identity Theft Product Plan we are selling is LegalShields Identity Theft Premium Protection Plan which provides an extensive monitoring service, unlimited consultation, AND complete restoration of your identity by Kroll Fraud Solutions Group (the world’s leading identity theft consulting company) to pre theft status done by licensed investigators. The cost for you, your spouse and up to eight minor children is $239.40 a year.

Please let us know if you would like us to enroll you or you can enroll directly by CLICKING HERE

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