Is Your Building Receiving Credits for It’s Sprinkler System?

Is your building receiving credit for its sprinkler system?

According to the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), a majority of buildings with an automatic fire sprinkler system are not receiving full credit and some aren’t receiving credit at all. Discounts range from 10%-60% depending on the insurance provider. ISO can be missing information they need to conduct a full evaluation of the sprinkler system. Taking a proactive approach and being prepared with the correct information makes the process easier and gives you maximum potential to receive full credit on your insurance. ISO can be contacted by your insurance company to conduct a full inspection and develop accurate insurance credit. Inspections should be conducted annually.

The property owner should be prepared with the following items for the ISO representative. Missing any of these items can result in not receiving credit for your automatic fire sprinkler system.

  • Main drain test results
  • A copy of the underground and overhead piping hydrostatic test certificate
  • Dry pipe trip test results for systems with dry pipe values
  • Fire pump field performance test for systems equipped with a fire pump
  • System design criteria in the form of sprinkler plans, hydraulic calculations, or hydraulic data plaque information
  • Name of sprinkler contractor
  • The ISO representative should have access to all areas of the building, especially the riser room and to all sprinkler control valves

The property owner should keep a record of any tests for the automatic fire sprinkler system at the building location. The property owner should also determine who conducts the periodic tests. Test results should always be logged and kept on file. These records are needed for the ISO representative to issue insurance credit. All automatic fire sprinkler system forms and additional information regarding automatic sprinkler credit can be obtained by calling ISO Customer Service at 1-800-677-2878.

Are you constructing a new building/installing a new sprinkler system?

ISO will also give you an evaluation of a planned sprinkler system before it is installed. The sprinkler system plan will be evaluated according to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association and ISO’s Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule. The plan will be graded and they will provide any suggestions to improve the design. This will also tell you if the system will make the building eligible for insurance credit. This proactive step could save you time and money down the line and provides you peace of mind knowing the sprinkler system you are installing is up to date.

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