Is Your Retirement Protected?

Being ready for retirement does not just mean you have saved enough money. It also means feeling confident because you have the guaranteed income you will need.

Would you like a financial strategy that offers you a more secure future retirement with less worry about what the financial markets will do, while still allowing funds to grow? Much like a Pension, this strategy also includes a way to convert your funds into stream of income that can last your lifetime so you won’t outlive your savings. The tool for this strategy is an Annuity.

As Financial Advisors, we commonly recommend investing a portion of one’s portfolio in Annuities. This provides protection during an economic downturn through fixed income, while at the same time the ability to participate in portfolio growth when markets are performing well. Annuities require an upfront lump sum of money and come in 3 “flavors”:

1. Fixed
2. Fixed Indexed
3. Variable

Annuities are used to:

• Grow funds tax-deferred with downside protection of principal and future retirement income from potential market downturns and
• Create a retirement income stream that will last as long as you live – no matter how long you live – even if you used up all the funds

Annuities can provide all three: safety, long-term growth and a monthly income in retirement.

Please contact us now to protect your retirement and learn more about Annuities.

Logan W. Simios
Principal, Benefits & Financial Division