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Welcome, we are happy you are here:

Welcome to J. Krug & Associates. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you as a member of the J. Krug family.  To learn more about J. Krug and our distinctive approach, contact us to set up a personal meeting.

A little background:

Founded in 1982, J. Krug & Associates has grown to become one of Illinois’ top independent insurance brokerages and consultants. At Krug, we provide the Relax, You’re Covered sense of security through our unique personal approach and exclusive DreamKeeper Program. Specializing in Personal, Employee Benefit and Business Risk insurance, Krug is a multi-divisional insurance consultant able to meet your personal and business needs and help ensure that your dreams stay on track.

We are different or not your typical insurance agency:

“We don’t sell insurance; we teach you how to buy it better.” This is our mantra and one of the ways we are different. We love being creative, working together with you to find new ways to improve protection while identifying outdated coverages. We are committed to a long-term, proactive approach, often identifying new risks you may not even know exist. Our goal is to help make you and/or your business more attractive to the insurance market, giving you the opportunity to obtain the highest level of coverage at the most competitive price.

Relationships are everything to us:

At J. Krug & Associates, we have built our reputation on long term relationships. We are proud of our 97.6% client retention rate and treat clients and our business partners the same way we like to be treated ourselves. We believe in transparency. If you are worried about commissions don’t be; Krug does receive commissions, but unlike most “insurance agents” we will let you know what we are receiving, and more importantly, how we will earn it for you.

We believe in planning:

We believe the best time to work with you is not during the chaos right before your insurance renewal, but as far in advance of that moment as possible. We are ready and willing to put in the hard work to get to know you and your business, as if it were our own. We work with you to create an annual risk management/insurance plan that we monitor throughout the year, not just as a once a year event. Therefore, when it does come time to renew, you can rest easier knowing that you are in the right hands.

We are professional inside and out:

When you work with J. Krug, you can be sure that you will receive the highest level of service. We provide answers when you need them and sound expert advice based on our knowledge and experience. J. Krug & Associates works only with premier insurance carriers and service providers and our team is dedicated, skilled and professional.

Our Team:

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Testimonials – Don’t take our word for it or it’s not about what we say; it’s about what our clients say about us.

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