Business Insurance

Your business is vital to a lot of important people. Your livelihood, the livelihood of your family, employees, their families and future generations are all at stake. It’s a lot to think about.  At J. Krug, we are business owners too and understand how important protecting your business is to everyone involved and how important having the right coverage can be to your bottom line.

At J. Krug, we view insurance as an investment and we bring large market risk management strategy and insurance techniques to the middle market. We don’t sell business insurance; we teach our clients how to buy it better. We are at our best as your trusted advisor providing veteran counsel, education and understanding. Our approach is proactive and everything we do is a warm up for a claim. We love being creative and sharing solutions that generate efficiencies and savings for our clients.

Being a business owner is challenging and we know that your time is at a premium. Our goal is to educate and to simplify the insurance process. By employing our DreamKeeper Asset Management and Protection program, we roll up our sleeves and work with you in the trenches to get to know you and your company as if it were our own. From there, the process continues as we accurately match your needs and objectives to a plan that delivers the right coverage at the right price. The result is a plan for insuring your dreams that we reference together regularly so you can relax and do what you do best…grow your business.

  • Discover – We learn all about your exposures to risk and we score it.
  • Design – We design a risk reduction plan.
  • Implement – We implement the risk reduction plan.
  • Continue – Follow the plan, adjusting our course along the path leading to the achievement of your objectives. Only J. Krug offers the DreamKeeper™ Asset Management and Protection Program to more accurately match your needs and objectives to a plan that delivers the right coverage at the right price for you and your business.

For more information contact:
Tom Krug, CIC
T 847-818-7520